In addition to having properly completed the IACRA application files with the FAA on the IACRA site and:
To save time at the beginning of the appointment for the FAA Practical Test, please have the following items (or the equivalent) filled out before the test:

FAR 61 Applicants only
Ground Training Records:
Sport Pilot Airplane    
Initial Issue Private Pilot Instrument Airplane CFI IA
Initial Issue Commercial Pilot Additional Rating Private and Commercial CFI AME

Please notice that a graduate of an approved 141 course does not need to show a ground training record for that particular practical test.

All Applicants
(FAR 61 and 141):  

Aircraft Inspection Status

ALL Applicants, except CFI Renewal, Airline Transport Pilot must have a logbook endorsement**.

If you already have similar records to these, those will be acceptable if they allow quick verification of the ground training requirements and Aircraft inspection status.

** If the CFI renewal or ATP test is a Retest, then you must have an endorsement from a recommending instructor.

Errors that seem to slip though on IACRA, yet will cause the application to be rejected at the time of processing in Oklahoma City by the FAA document examiners:

1. Block II, Aircraft to be used (if flight test is required). Make sure the correct make and model of aircraft is listed here. Examples: If it is a DA-20-C1, then do not use DV-20. If it is a CE-172-N, do not use CE-172, CE-172-A, B, etc.

2. Block II,  Total time in this aircraft / SIM / FTD (to be used for the test). Do not leave this blank for ANY Application. If for some reason your total time in Make and Model is ZERO, then by all means make sure you enter 0.0

3. Incorrect Student Pilot Certificate Number and Date of Issuance. In the event that you have a newer Student Pilot Certificate, make sure you use the newer information on the application.

4. Incorrect Date of Graduation from an Approved Course.

5. Incorrect name of approved course. Make sure the name of the 141 course matches the graduation certificate. (make sure the name of the school and the school's FAA number match also)

Errors on the application delay the processing of your permanent plastic certificate. None of us want that As time goes on, I hope this list gets smaller. The FAA is trying to make the IACRA site as bulletproof as possible.

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